Does multitasking your business in digital platform seems a little complicated? Then, marketing automation can be the best choice to cling on! Before diving into the top 5 let’s see how the marketing automation industry has skyrocketed in the past 4 years. It all started with $500 million and businesspeople of this very day spend about $5.5 billion on the best marketing automation tool. That’s the magic that helps many leading companies to streamline their workflows! But trying to differentiate between worst and the best tools can be complicated. Trust us, we have been there! Here we are with top picks which many businesses are thriving towards!

1.Hubspot marketing automation
  • A/B Testing
  • Salesforce Integration

Hubspot marketing automation tool is one of the intelligible tools which are accessible in the market. The tool has got full access to marketing and sales software along with free CRM. As a major strike, it has a user-friendly visual board that can streamline your workflows with easy clicks. Users are allowed to build an easy and complex network of rules on their terms. It’s spontaneous to access email list or even get help from live chat. Cut off your time on redundancy instead focus on growth with this tool.

  • Quick-Sync
  • Hassle-free Scheduling

InfusionSoft has been around for more than a decade but still keeps on supporting multiple marketers to delivers leads and ROI. It has got built-in landing pages and a super-creative campaign builder that automates your daily work. Integrate it with the centenary of tools such as wicked reports, OptinMonster, WordPress, and even outlook. It is one among the best marketing automation tools 2019 which is the on-roadway since 2001.

  • Smarter Messaging
  • Engagement Tracking

Your marketing can catch up sending emails in a much simpler way with marketing automation of ActiveCampaign. It has got site tracking and advanced reporting for analyzing your data. Migrate your data in minutes with expert migration service which comes user-friendly with this tool. Even get trained with 1 -on- 1 support with multiple complex streamlining. Learn the win probability with machine learning strategies at ActiveCampaign.

  • Lead Management
  • Predictive Propensity Scoring

It’s a playbook that comes with quick access for managing your digital business. Drive in your lead management with the top-of-funnel strategy with the best marketing automation platforms. The tool is exclusively fixed for enterprise with a lot of optimization suite. Reduce operational cost with this Adobe incorporated tool. It helps to capture every interaction of your customer in an online arena that can help you to source out the channel of ROI. It has got highly tailored AI-powered attribution models. Pipeline your works with Adobe infused tool – Marketo.
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Multiple workspaces
customerio is a superficial flexible tool and once you get it working you will never want to get off it. It helps you segment your audience based on real-time events. It flawlessly supports third-party integrations with just a few clicks. It’s one known marketing automation tool built for speed where you can segment customers with personal attributes too. It has got message editors with rich text editors onboard. They are best-in-class support when it comes to integration with SendGrid, Mailgun, and Mandrill.

These are the top 5 picks of marketing automation best tools. Let your dream of organizing the data with the right prospects come alive with these 5 top tools. Even we support with some of the topmost automation full-suite tools that can unleash your business to new horizons. With tools you can trickle the income into a firehose.

Getting onboard with any of the cost-effective tools can skyrocket your business and cut off your extra spent time on routines.