Everything is online now! People of this era started relying on websites for knowing about business or products. The main objective of every growing company is to bring its website to the topmost ranks of the search engine. The SEO techniques are even based upon that. But do you know there is one mysterious host that can never let your site to rank in the top pages? That is keyword cannibalization and you need to look into it because it can damage the rankings of your site.

What’s keyword cannibalization?

Keyword cannibalization happens when you are too concerned about a single keyword or phrase of keyword stuffing. Do you think it is okay to draft two posts with the same keyword? If you think so, then you are wrong. The same keyword on two blog posts from the same site will rank your site down instead of hiking it up. You allow your site contents to competing against each other which could possibly lower the ranking of your site. When the contents of the same website clash, it threatens your domain authority too!

How to handle it niftily?

Create new content

Fresh new content can be one epic idea to rely on when it comes to cannibalization. You need not worry about content clashes at all when you have two typical contents published from your site. Make sure you are focusing on delivering a different kind of posting with the same keyword. With the highest searched content strategy, you can rank your site better at search engines.

Focus on diverse keywords

Diverse keywords don’t mean that you need to go out of your ranking league. You can search for similar keywords and stuff them in the content so that cannibalization doesn’t come into the big screen of ranking. Use the right keyword finder tool to search for your keyword which can end up in high conversion rate.

Make usage of 301 redirect

If you have clusters of same keywords in one page, then cleverly make use of 301 redirects to drive your audience to another page. Don’t frequently use the 301 code because it may frustrate the regular users of your website.

Delete the cannibalized

When you find a cannibalized context in your webpage, try to delete the posts and come up with rephrased content that can engage the audience. Before deleting the content, keep a check on the keywords and progress with a new posting.

Outsource without fuss

If you are busy caught up in taking care of your business, outsourcing to the top SEO services can prevent your site from keyword cannibalization. The big outsourcing shots do have premium keyword tools to track keyword stuffing systematically.

That’s how you get to deal with keyword cannibalization in a planned manner. Do keyphrase research before writing a context for your website. That’s the one definite way to cut down keyword duplication in your site’s meta description, title, and other postings. Focus on using long tail phrases that drive in more users.

If you really want to stay back and relax then the right choice for you is to outsource it to one of the top most companies which makes your digital marketing simple!