The email deliverables can become so irksome when your emails are not landing in the inboxes. The one aim of email campaigns is to achieve better Inbox Placement Rate and guess how terrible it could be if that’s not happening! Are you stuck with one such issue that’s ruining your complete email campaign? Then here are 3 significant-quality checks which you can cling on to deliver emails just to INBOX!

Pay attention to the content

It is necessary to check whether your email content is not overloaded. When too many words are used in email, it automatically gets into the spam folder. Here is a list of what you should do to save your email from falling into junk.

  • Prepare a crispy content
  • Make sure your hyperlinks are not more than 1
  • Avoid using too many colours
  • Limit capitalization usage in your context

These are some of the tips which you can follow while preparing the content which is about to bring leads for your business. Keep a catchy subject line that incites your end-user to open the email without skimming the inbox.

Keep email lists non-redundant

It’s always better to test emails by sending it across various email service providers. Trigger emails and cross-verify whether they are landing properly in the inbox of your target audience. Try to have a regular check on your domain reputation. There are so many free as well as paid tools available which can help you to track the domain authority.

Make sure that your IP is not blacklisted which can increase your bounce rates to the maximum. Being proactive can help you to stay away from being blacklisted. Check your stats before and after every email marketing campaign to know your rate of deliverability.

Stay average when it comes to hitting open rates

Expecting a higher percentage of open rate or click-through rate is highly surreal. With millions of email campaigns sent in the past year of 2019, the average open rate has been given as 17.92%. The click-through percentage is given at 2.69%. The open rates percentage differ based on which day of the week your email is reaching your target audiences inbox. Keep a track of which day of the week most of your target audience check their mailbox so that you can achieve an average open rate.

Tips to achieve average open rates

It may seem like a lot but doing some of these processes can help your email to hit right into the target audience’s inbox.

1. Cut down the SPAM triggering words like “FREE, BUY, EARN” and much more
2. Send valuable content
3. Authenticate your email with DKIM, DMARC, and SPF
4. Clean-up your email lists frequently

These tips will help your emails to land in inbox without fuss. If you are still struggling with doubts? Then PARKI solutions can take care of your email campaigns in a jiff. We practice the finest strategy to deliver your emails with maximum open rates. Get to know more about our email campaign services @