An effective result of Search Engine Optimization is visibility of your product or site on the top search. Ranking on the top search is always a real challenge. Even it is not possible to stay on the top search with this google’s oscillating algorithm. But with SEO skillset you can adapt this algorithm to remain competitive.

There are thousands of tools to improve your website but MOZ is one of the proven toolsets. Everyone is aware of digital marketing skillset but only to some extent. Especially Moz offer great educational resources to keep SEO on best practice. The skillset includes keyword analysis, link building, site audits and page insights. Get started with MOZ, level-up your website and expose it organically.

First download and setup a mozbar tool in chrome browser for free and explore your site overview. You can enjoy this excellent tool completely with the premium version.

Here is some quick look up’s to boost your website with MOZ,

  • Site Audit
  • Website Tracking
  • Backlinks
  • Keyword Analysis

Site Audit

There are some factors that affects your webpage visibility with help of site audit identify how strong a website technically in SEO. Find and fix on-site webpage errors to dilute the ranking strength. Internal and external links optimization. As the technology is beyond what we think, MOZ has new update automated duplicate deletion.

• Find the missing tags
• Use unique titles, meta descriptions, and tags
• Identify the broken links
• Detect pages with minimum word count or with errors
• Finding duplicate content

Website Tracking

Track keywords to improve your Search Engine Result Pages rankings. Monitor the top web pages that rank for a specific keyword or topic. There are some strategies to improve your google ranking, use this information to determine the difficulty level of ranking.

• Check Your Domain Authority
• Increase backlinks
• Link back to your own content
• Keyword Optimization
• Site loading speed


Backlinks naturally gains attention to the website and increase the web traffic. So, explore the opportunity to boost your ranking. It is important to increase high-quality backlinks to the webpages. Identify the bad backlinks and prevent the site from spam. As a result of backlink analysis identify and rectify the errors.

• Competitor backlink analysis
• Find the broken links on your webpage
• Provides the backlink spam score
• Helps finding the lost links
• Complete analysis on the anchor texts

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is the process of analysing the keywords that bring visitors to your website through organic or paid search. A keyword satisfies both the user and the search engine and provides the best results. Reach out your business only to the targeted audience with the keyword analysis. Ask questions to yourself to find out the relevant topics and prepare a list. Compare the list of keywords across multiple sites.

• Provides keyword with search volume
• Checks keyword difficulty
• Performs competitive keyword analysis.

A large chunk of the SEO difficulty can be determined or even lowered with the MOZ optimization. Parki understand the customer requirement and drives in the best result. Get an overview of your website performance from our Digital Marketing expert.