Digital Marketing has created a large impact in the last 50 years and there is no doubt that it isn’t likely to fade away in the near future. Hence, it is important for marketers to be aware of the changes and adapt to the emerging technologies. Here in this blog let’s have a look at the ten digital marketing trends every business should be knowing about. Let’s start off with SEO A/B Split Testing.

SEO A/B Split Testing

SEO A/B Split Testing tops the list in 2019. AB testing is an experiment where two or more variants of a single page are shown randomly to users. The statistical analysis resulting from these two pages helps in determining which page performs better. It helps in isolating the variables that bring in traffic to the site so that the user is able to take a targeted approach and make changes to the content. The change can be as simple as a single headline or a button or it can be an entire page. The visitors experience with each page is measured and analysed through a statistical engine in order to determine if the users experience was positive, negative or had no effect.

Voice Search

Next in the list comes voice search. Voice search is now increasing in popularity and it is expected that by 2020, 50% of all queries will be voice based. There are two types of voice searches implemented. One is Amazon’s Alexa, Apple Homepod and Google Home and the other is Microsoft’s Cortana. These two give immediate voice answers to a user’s question and are installed in desktops and smart phones in the name of Siri and Google Assistant. Marketers use these in order to deliver more targeted content which helps in increasing CTR.

Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising automates the processes and the transactions involved with purchasing and placing ads on websites and apps. It refers to using Artificial Intelligence to automate ad buying. It is more efficient and faster i.e. the conversions are high, and the customer acquisition costs are low. According to a study by eMarketer it is expected that by 2020 86.2% of digital display ads in the US will be programmatic.


Next in the list tops chatbots. This AI based technology uses instant messaging to chat in the real time at any time of the day with customers and site visitors. A survey has shown that about 63% of people prefer messaging an online chatbot. By 2020 about 85% of customer service will be powered by chatbots and it is expected that by 2022 chatbots will help businesses save more than $8 billion per annum. Brands like Uber, Pizza Hut, The Wall Street Journal are all already using the chatbot technology successfully.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketing

It is an emerging trend in the marketing and sales strategy. The idea is to let customers try before they buy. The cosmetic industry is using augmented and virtual reality marketing in the recent times. Brands like L’Oreal, Perfect Corp and Sephora allow their customers to see how makeup would look on them digitally.

Video Marketing

In today’s trend video marketing plays a major role and is likely to be the most important marketing trend for the next five to ten years. About 72% of businesses say that video has improved their conversion rate and about 52% of consumers feel that watching a product video makes them confident about their online purchase decision. If a site includes videos, then it is 53X more likely to get a first page spot in the search results as videos improve SEO. YouTube and other videos are displayed in the SERPs, so video optimization is becoming more important.

Influencer Marketing

It is a word of mouth marketing and it focuses on using well known celebrities to drive a brands message. Instagram or YouTube personalities with huge following can help you spread a word about your business or product. Influencer marketing is considered more authentic and about 92% of people go by consumer recommendations over corporate advertising.

Push Notifications

Web notifications are one of the major trends in 2019. About 33% of people aged between 18 to 34 years opt web push notifications. Using personalized push notifications can help in increasing conversions in a greater way. The open rate is about 7% in case of push notifications when compared to the open rate of broadcast messages which is only 3%. And about 54% of user’s covert from push notifications when compared to the 15% in broadcast messages. Push notifications also have an option to include images and CTAs in order to increase the conversion rates.

Content Marketing

Finally comes content marketing. Content marketing still continues to dominate SEO. Delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time can of course be tricky but it plays a major role in boosting the user engagement rates. About 88% of B2B content marketers agree that creating content makes their audience view their business as a more trusted one. Content marketing is a great way to attract new customers and build relationships.

Technology is likely to transfer the future of digital marketing. To stay ahead and put forth your business at the top investing in the future tech is the only way. If you want your business to stand ahead reach out to us.