Want to get more clicks for your title tags in the search engines result page. Here are six super-easy hacks you should be knowing.

Title tag hacks for increasing traffic and rankings

There must be a question popping up in your mind now, are title tags still important for SEO? The truth is, Yes, it is. Changing title tags show a significant increase in a website ranking and if you get it right you can see a measurable increase in your sites traffic. Traffic through clicks can help you increase your rankings as well and, in this blog, we are concentrating more on that. Title tag is the first thing your visitors are going to see in the SERP and if you get it right you can see a measurable increase in your sites traffic. Here are a few things to look for.


First comes numbers. Using numbers in a title tends to attract more visitors and you can get a slightly higher click-through rate. This is because of the cognitive bias, when people browse the web, they find a lot of information and the brain usually tends to find something it can grasp faster and numbers stand out in this case. So, using numbers in a title tag can result in improving the click-through rate.


Next comes dates, for example, “Social Media Marketing Trends 2019” can help you get more visitors to your site. Using the Yoast SEO plugin in word press can help you automatically update your title tags year-to-year or even month-to-month.


Next comes length, the most controversial but the most important aspect in SEO. When it comes to site audit, you’ll come across two things i.e., either your title tag is too short or way too long.Studies have proved that title tags that are shorter show a measurable increase in the websites ranking and the best optimal length of a title tag is said to be 50-60 characters. Using top keywords can also help in driving traffic to a website. Doing a keyword research using Google Analytics or Google Search Console can help you in understanding what people are searching for and can help in framing a better title tag which in turn helps in increasing the websites ranking.

Synonyms and variants

Finding out the synonyms and variants and using them in the title tag is an important aspect. How you think your searchers are searching for may not be the same as to how they are searching. Say for example you do a keyword research and your top keyword is “low cost housing”. They may also be looking for ” affordable houses”; “cheap houses”, etc. Hence, finding out the synonyms and variants and using them in the title tag can help in increasing your sites traffic. Using SERP or keyword tools such as Keyword Explorer or SEMrush can you help you identify these synonyms and variants.

Call to Action

Usually call-to-action words cannot be found in the keyword research, but they really help in increasing the click through rate as these words bring in excitement. These words are not typed in the search box but when they are seen in the results page, they create anxiety and bring in more visitors.


Finally comes questions. Questions are a great tool to be used in the title tags. Questions usually create a lot of curiosity among people and help a lot in increasing website visitors.

The above six title tag hacks can help you in a great way to increase your website traffic. If you want to bring in more website visitors reach out to us.