About Us

We provide creative, strategic and technical development of screen-based products and services to ensure that there is no missing information and which will enable the usage of the same anywhere and everywhere.

Park Intelli Solutions Private Limited was established in the year of 2010 and its offices are in Coimbatore, Coonoor and Texas. With engaging more than 100 employees in order to provide support services to O’Connor & Associates which includes Mobile/Web Apps, Digital Marketing, Customer Support, Finance & Accounting, Recruitment, and Security Monitoring.

Forward Thinking

Our Forward thinking helps us and our client in preparing to not only avoid pitfalls and failure, but to also achieve growth and success through innovation.

Problem Solvers

It is very essential that right tools are used for a specific problem in hand, our expert team analyzes the best process improvement tool that would best fit to seize the problem in execution.

Customer Support

Customer support is a huge part of the satisfaction of our clients experience with our company. We make sure that we have systems in place to expedite information to our clients to resolve any of their issues quickly and effectively.

Our Story

The firm had its origin with a petite team of highly qualified and veteran professionals, constantly providing a better market research service to the clients. We, at Park Intelli Solutions, strive towards the goal of delighting our clients and assisting them in attaining a competitive advantage across the board. We ponder in the development of good organizational capabilities to preserve a sustainable client base around the globe.


Brand Strategy


App Development


Customer Satisfaction


We are global provider of business process outsourcing and call center services . Park Intelli Solutions partners with your business to offer a range of outsourcing services that touch every point of the customer life-cycle. We enable your organization to build and sustain effective processes across various interaction points and the back office while delivering powerful insight into customer behavior through customer analytics.


When speed is the hymn of smart business you need everything automated. Automatic data processing and information processing are elements which can help you keep pace with the challenges of your business. If your organization is looking for accurate, efficient and fast data processing services, then you have come to the right place. Park Intelli Solutions is one of the leading providers of data processing services


From investment banks to insurance, from publishing and multimedia to travel and e-commerce and from material science to surface science, we have an extensive experience in customized software development. Our custom software development services also include development of software for SQL server, WebLogic, WebSphere application servers, MySQL database programming, Java, web applications, etc. Additionally, we offer customized solutions