Asset Research & Recovery Investigation Services

    Uncover Hidden-Assets & Document Evidences for Speedy Debt Collections

    Investigate the financial profile of your potential business associate for Pre-Litigation and post judgement collections. Our specialized asset research team helps you in background investigation and financial due diligence for lawsuits against personal or business relationship disputes. Recover debts from fraudulently bankrupted business and individuals by revealing concealed possessions using complicated asset hiding schemes. Estimate the financial worth of hidden assets and disclose the economic viability to settle liabilities. 

    We strengthen the creditors by probing the portfolio of debtors with extensive database search. We deal with matrimonial disputes, frauds and embezzlement, judgement recovery and liability settlements. Earn access to professional asset research experts and reduce overheads by minimizing staff. Ensure high accuracy by sourcing and cross-referring data, testimony, and proof, without any errors or omissions. Accelerate asset research process to secure vital documentation and increase profits smartly with our cost-effective legal process outsourcing services.

  • Our Asset Investigation Include

    • Business Identity Research
    • Asset Location
    • Asset Tracing
    • Asset Recovery
    • Financial Investigation
    • Bankruptcy Fraud Investigation
    • Money Laundering Investigation
    • Embezzlement Investigation
    • Divorce & Family Disputes
    • Employment Investigation
    • Personal Income Research
    • Hidden Tangible & Intangible Property Recovery

  • Legal Innovation & Technology

    • Filevine
    • Clio
    • Smokeball
    • Westlaw
    • Mycase
    • Timesolv

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