Enhance Legal Services Quality with Legal Process Outsourcing Services

    Are you concentrating to take your business into lofty heights? Then definitely legal support is all you want! 60% of companies who are into LPO services have been upturning their business curves since they got the right partner in the law firm.

    Concentrate 100% on your core business and let us manage everything from legal documentation to due diligence. Accelerate your legal process by outsourcing and enhance your client experiences & legal services quality. Check out how our lpo solutions will empower you.

    1. Litigation Support
    2. Legal Research & Brief Writing
    3. Contract Management & Compliance
    4. Assets Research & Recovery

Our expert team of professionals who have a robust knowledge of various big law firms delivers tailor-made services such as
  • What we are into

    • Litigation Support
      • Descriptive document preparations
      • Exhaustive document review
      • Post review trial preparation
      • Deposition summaries
      • Conducting research
      • Redactions
      • Objective coding
    • Legal Research
      • Evidence research
      • Historical fact search
      • Assessing the cause/motive of action
      • Extracting documents
      • Preparing arguments
      • Foreign law research
      • Statutes and references research
      • Legal knowledgebase research (Ex. Westlaw)
    • Contract Management Services
      • Drafting
      • Contract creation and Negotiation
      • Contract execution
      • Post contract management
    • Asset Research
      • Liquidity and worth of your Debtor
      • Fraudulent conveyance exists in legal matter
      • Locate & recover proceeds of embezzled operation

  • What makes us prominent?

    We have gained the trust of our clients by sticking on to the core values such as

    • Experienced attorneys team
    • Non-disclosure clauses
    • Quick turn-around time
    • Effective cost-cutting

Get to know your extended legality expert!