Legal Research & Brief Writing Services

    Improve Profit Margin & Case Success Rate with our Legal Research Outsourcing Services

    Qualitative legal research is crucial to substantiate your arguments in court proceedings. It requires more time that may adversely impact your legal practice’s bottom-line. Our legal process outsourcing services enables your law firm to focus more on quality legal services in cost effective approach. Hiring paralegal staffs in-house within USA is more expensive for legal firms. Outsourcing legal research services to Indian LPO Companies save 60% – 70% of the costs for managing projects workload efficiently. 

    Our legal expertise will enable your law practice to conduct effectual legal research for preparing appellate briefs, trial briefs, legal memoranda, counterclaims, pleadings, motions, litigation discovery such as deposition summaries, e-Discovery, and legal document review. 

    Gain competitive advantage in court proceedings with comprehensive legal process outsourcing services in quick turnaround time.

  • Fortify Law Firms Research Capabilities

    • Litigation & Non-litigation Research
    • Statutory legal Research
    • Federal legislative history
    • Regulatory & administrative law
    • Jury verdict & settlement
    • Legal Correspondence

  • Legal Innovation & Technology

    • Westlaw
    • LexisNexis
    • Smokeball
    • Fastcase
    • Mycase
    • Casetext

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